Business Startup

Startup Package

Nothing beats working for yourself. Even when you love your job and think that it’s rewarding, the satisfaction you get when you are your own boss is a completely different feeling. Not only is it more meaningful but it comes with so many benefits.

While it may seem alluring venturing into a new market, especially if you are a startup, it can be tricky, and let’s face it, pretty risky too—you are putting in more hours than at a 9-5 job elsewhere, and there will be moments where you may actually be sacrificing a lot more than just your time. Even then, it is absolutely worth it.

While thinking of starting your own business, the first thought that may have crossed your mind was probably, “What should I sell?” or, “Which market segment has the most money?” or even, “How do I start with my current skill set?”

We have created a business startup package to kick start your business idea.


  • Unlimited page website

  • Contact Form

  • Corporate Cover

  • Logo

Social Media

  • OG title, description and image tags. ( for sharing )


  • Google Analytics

  • Business Listing

  • XML, HTML Sitemaps for pages & images.

  • Breadcrumbs ( structured data )

  • Local business ( structured data )

  • Review ( structured data )


  • Basic content writing for contact forms and other standard pages.

  • Privacy Policy

  • 5x Stock Images


  • Google Cloud Setup ( Chrome Browser )

  • KodExplorer ( File Editing & Management )

  • Email accounts synced via Gmail.

  • Project Bookmarks

  • Free Support


Startup SEO ( on page see & off-page ) submission to standard business directories ( 20 )


  • 2x Designs ( Revision )

  • 4 weeks to complete.

Completed Projects;

Business startup package is designed to get the ground lifted. Completed within 4 weeks you will have all the necessary tools to start your business.